Hey there, I'm doing some work on the backend at the moment to streamline some of my teaching/research apps. I'll get everything back up in bit...

For Students:

I use a dedicated area for lecture and course content which can be found here: http://courses.scottmoodie.com.  You can create a student account directly from that page to enroll in a course and access course materials. 

For Researchers:

I do provide access on a limited basis to select full articles, unpublished findings, scales, select data sources for collaborators, project areas, etc. You must register in order to access these files (Select your User Group as 'Research' on the registration form). Please note that registration is not automatic and I approve all requests on an individual basis which means that there will be a slight delay before approval. Also, if I'm not likely to recognize your name, then please send me a note via the contact form detailing your interest.

For Friends/Music Collaborators:

I have been uploading all the old scratch recordings from the archives as well as assorted other writing/creative stuff. If you'd like access, you must register and select the User Group 'Tunes'. 

Stay well, Scott