My primary research interests fall into two categories: Stress, Wellness and Quality of Life; and Culture and Values.

Stress, Wellness, and Quality of Life

The underlying question that governs my research in this area is as follows: What combination of factors trigger or prevent the stress response in individuals and what are the consequences on physical and mental wellbeing and performance. The bulk of research being done on these issues within the fields of Organizational Behavior and Occupational Health Psychology approach this question from either the positive psychological perspective (engagement, flow, or passion) or from the negative psychological perspective (stress, burnout, anxiety, or depression). I have chosen to incorporate both perspectives in my study so that I can create a model of how demands and resources lead to either or both states, and how burnout and engagement can have a moderating influence on other in regards to the outcomes of physical and mental health (anxiety and depression) and performance. I am currently concluding my first major study on this topic and am preparing my findings in a series of journal publications. These articles include a comparative analysis of the antecedents and consequences of High vs. Low Engagement and Burnout, the moderating influence of Engagement on Burnout with regards to physical and mental health, a structural equation model that positions demands, resources, affinity, engagement, and burnout in relation to their outcomes on health and productivity, an analysis of the impact of stress on risk for metabolic syndrome, and the psychometric dimensions of new measures I designed for this study.

Culture and Values

My experiences working and living in cross-cultural environments on three continents have given me a strong interest and appreciation for the challenges of culture and diversity in the contemporary workplace. I approach the issue of culture from both a theoretical and research perspective. From a theoretical approach, I have developed a theory of Cultural Agency (article in progress) which I believe is a useful tool to examine the cultural complexities of individuals and groups. In a research capacity, I have conducted a number of studies that examine the role of personal and organizational values in driving culture. While I started this research by testing current theories of values congruence, the conclusions of my research has led me to take a few steps backwards to reexamine what we know of the foundational characteristics of values. I have developed a lengthy plan for studying this and will commence a series of studies in the years to come.

If you have any specific questions related to measures, findings, data, etc., feel free to drop me a note via the contact form.