I have enjoyed working as a consultant on projects in over a dozen countries - primarily with startups in the healthcare and biofuel markets. I love working with startups and the challenges that they present to be solved. My strengths lie in the creation of unique products and service strategies and solving the innumerable problems that arise in the creation stages. You can see more details in my CV.

However, the problem with working with startups is that they typically pay you in promises, which are rarely delivered despite the success of the project.  I have a pretty phenomenal track record (over $100m in initial investments from projects that implemented my products, services, or business plans), but none of that seems to have found its way back to me. So I'm taking a break from that work at the moment. 

I do still provide 'advising' on a case-by-case basis, but do this at a fixed hourly rate. Feel free to contact me if you think my input would be helpful on your project or you'd like to attempt to restore my faith in personal integrity :).