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    Career Summary

I am currently completing a PhD in Management Science – Organizational Behavior at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain where I serve in the Future of Work Chair under the direction of Simon Dolan. My primary research line focuses on the relationships between work and personal factors linked to stress, health, and quality of life. I am jointly studying the positive and negative psychological states of engagement and burnout and examining their relative effect on personal and organizational outcomes. I am also working in the areas of values and values congruence and the impacts they have on performance and cross-cultural interactions.

I believe strongly that research should lead to meaningful application. To do this, I have partnered with Gestion MDS to develop a number of software tools that companies and individuals can use to assess aspects of culture, stress, and emotional climate and design interventions accordingly. We have completed the MBV Suite (Managing by Values) and are nearing completion of the Stress Diagnostic Inventory (SDI). Our card game called The Value of Values can be used by children, adults, managers, and coaches to identify and prioritize individual and shared values. I have done a range of outside consulting primarily focusing in the creation of new products and service models for startups in the healthcare, bio-tech, and management consulting fields. Notable works included the design of an executive wellness program that integrates preventive medical diagnostics with psycho-social risk factors and village-based cooperative alternative energy programs in the Asia-Pacific market. Projects forthcoming include a course and book on the subject off Managing Wellness and a new website devoted to interactive tools and resources to be used by values coaches.

I have had a range of employment and teaching experience. My earlier studies and employment included the areas of music, audio engineering, marketing, and management information systems. I lectured for two years at the International College of Bangkok University teaching and designing courses in Strategic Management, Consumer Behavior, Service Marketing, Internet Marketing, Strategic Management, and MIS. I have served as a teaching assistant in the MBA and MSc program at ESADE and I have also been a guest lecturer at several universities in Europe and Asia.

I have participated in the organization of conferences and seminars and currently serve as the Senior Editorial Assistant for Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal. I also serve as a reviewer for other journals including the Journal of Managerial Psychology, the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, and Human Resource Management.



   Degrees Obtained:

  •  Ph.D., Management Sciences, ESADE, expected completion Spring 2014
    • Concentrations: Stress, Health, and Managing Wellness; Cross-Cultural Management
  • MRes, Management Sciences, ESADE, 2008
    • Dissertation: The impact of work status on workplace engagement: a research design for comparing the antecedents and consequences of engagement between full time and part time workers.
  • MBA, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, 2004
    • Concentration: International Business and Marketing
  • BA, Management Information Systems and Marketing, Cedarville University, 2001

   Study Grants Received:

  • AGAUR F1 Research Grant - (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011), 1,000 Euros/Month
  • Fundacion ESADE – (2007), 800 Euros/Month
  • Academic Scholarship (1997), $2,500
  • Leadership Scholarship (1997), $1,500
  • TFC Music Scholarship (1997-2001), $14,000

    Research Activities

My primary research interests fall into two categories: Stress, Wellness and Quality of Life; and Culture and Values.

  Stress, Wellness, and Quality of Life

The underlying question that governs my research in this area is as follows: What combination of factors trigger or prevent the stress response in individuals and what are the consequences on physical and mental wellbeing and performance. The bulk of research being done on these issues within the fields of Organizational Behavior and Occupational Health Psychology approach this question from either the positive psychological perspective (engagement, flow, or passion) or from the negative psychological perspective (stress, burnout, anxiety, or depression). I have chosen to incorporate both perspectives in my study so that I can create a model of how demands and resources lead to either or both states, and how burnout and engagement can have a moderating influence on other in regards to the outcomes of physical and mental health (anxiety and depression) and performance. I am currently concluding my first major study on this topic and am preparing my findings in a series of journal publications. These articles include a comparative analysis of the antecedents and consequences of High vs. Low Engagement and Burnout, the moderating influence of Engagement on Burnout with regards to physical and mental health, a structural equation model that positions demands, resources, affinity, engagement, and burnout in relation to their outcomes on health and productivity, an analysis of the impact of stress on risk for metabolic syndrome, and the psychometric dimensions of new measures I designed for this study.

I plan to continue this research in a multidisciplinary fashion. My current psychometric approach is valuable in determining the relative influences that drive burnout and engagement and their correlation to different criteria of health and performance, but I feel that this research must be integrated with current research being done on emotional competencies, clinical-based physiological and chemical responses to stress, and the neurological triggers and consequences of stress. Additionally, psychometric studies have a severe limitation in adequately segmenting the factors of burnout, stress, anxiety, and depression. I would like to continue my studies in more clinical environment that makes use of neuroscience diagnostics in combination with metabolic and genetic biomarkers.

This research drives a number of practitioner applications that I am involved with. I am currently involved in the development of a software program (Stress Diagnostic Inventory –SDI) that companies and individuals can use to audit and pinpoint the chief sources of stress and consequently perform any necessary interventions. I am also co-developing a course and book on the subject of Managing Wellness which will take individuals, managers, and executives through the process of designing productive and healthy work climates. In a consulting capacity, I have developed an innovative approach to executive wellness that combines clinical preventive medical diagnosis with an evaluation and coaching intervention of stress and lifestyle patterns. I have recently published an article on the subject of stress and suicide in a practitioner journal and plan to write more practitioner articles soon.

  Culture and Values

My experiences working and living in cross-cultural environments on three continents have given me a strong interest and appreciation for the challenges of culture and diversity in the contemporary workplace. I approach the issue of culture from both a theoretical and research perspective. From a theoretical approach, I have developed a theory of Cultural Agency (article in progress) which I believe is a useful tool to examine the cultural complexities of individuals and groups. In a research capacity, I have conducted a number of studies that examine the role of personal and organizational values in driving culture. While I started this research by testing current theories of values congruence, the conclusions of my research has led me to take a few steps backwards to reexamine what we know of the foundational characteristics of values. I have developed a lengthy plan for studying this and will commence a series of studies in the years to come.

  Research Skills and Experiences:

My primary mode of study is do quantitative analysis of psychometric data obtained through surveys. I am trained in qualitative methods, but have not used them substantially in my own work. My chief analytical methods include use of structural equation modeling (SEM) and path analysis, decision tree analysis, and linear and logistical regression. I work primarily with SPSS, Lisrel, AMOS, and R.
I have developed a number of scales and measurement models including a measure for accident propensity among nurses, the development of a proxy measure for risk of Metabolic Syndrome which combines biometric data and medication usage, and a construct called Affinity which determines an individual’s feelings towards the nature of their work.


  Papers in Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Moodie, S., Dolan, S., Burke, R; "Exploring the causes, symptoms and health consequences of joint and inverse states of work engagement and burnout: The specific case of Nurses in Spain" (MRJIAM-05-2013-0506.R2) Management Research, The Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management (in press)
  • Yuanjie Bao, Rebekka Vedina, Scott Moodie & Simon Dolan "The effect of value congruence on individual and organizational wellbeing: An exploratory study among Catalan nurses, Journal of Advanced Nursing 69(3), 631–641. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2648.2012.06045.

  Working Papers for submission in Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Moodie, S., Dolan, S., Arsenault, A; Exploring the Multiple Linkages between Metabolic Syndrome and Stress: An Empirical Analysis of the Relationships between Work, Stress, Health, and Metabolic Syndrome among Spanish nurses, planned for submission to Occupational Medicine
  • Moodie, S., Dolan, S; Antecedents of accident propensity among nurses: validation of a measure of perceived accident propensity among nurses.
  • Moodie, S.; Cultural Agency – A theoretical proposition for a new perspective in the study of personal and organizational culture.

  Publications in Practitioner Journals

  • Dolan, Simon Landau; Burke, Ronald J.; Moodie, Scott William (2012): "Is there a 'dark side' to work engagement?", In Effective Executive , Vol. 15, issue 4, p. 12-16.
  • Dolan, S. L. & Moodie, S. (2010). Can becoming a manager be dangerous to your health? Is suicide the new occupational hazard? Effective Executive, 13(1), 66-69
  • Kiser, J., & Moodie, S. (2006) Cross-Cultural Mentoring , Bangkok Executive Journal, 26(3)

  Conference Presentations and Proceedings

  • Engagement vs. burnout: An examination of the relationships between the two concepts within the framework of the JDR model (2012) Dolan, Simon Landau; Moodie, Scott William; Ronald, Burke Conferences 2012 Academy of Management Annual Meeting
  • Moodie, S., Dolan, S., Arsenault, A (2011) Exploring the Multiple Linkages Between Metabolic Syndrome and Stress: An Empirical Analysis of the Relationships Between Stress, Health, and Metabolic Syndrome Among Catalan Nurses., Oral Presentation at The International Conference on Pre-Hypertension and Cardio Metabolic Syndrome, Vienna, Austria
  • Moodie, S., Dolan, S., Arsenault, A (2010) Exploring the multiple linkages between work engagement and health: An empirical analysis within the Catalan nursing context., Proceedings of the 9th European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology, Rome, Italy
  • Moodie, S., Bao, Y. & Dolan, S. L (2010). Are We Breeding Nihilists? An Analysis of the Perceived Personal Importance of Values Between Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Students. Paper presented at the 12th Biennial Conference of the International Society for the Study of Work and Organizational Values, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Moodie, S., Diez Pinol, M., Dolan, S. (2009), An exploratory study of the impact of work status on workplace engagement, well-being and accident proneness. Proceedings of the VII International Workshop on HRM, Murcia, Spain

    Teaching Activities

  Teaching Philosophy:

The core concepts that dominate the curriculum in OB, Global Management, Cross-Cultural Management, and Marketing are largely abstract theorizations that can be difficult for students to understand and internalize without concrete examples and hands-on opportunities for discovery and application. To effectively facilitate learning of these theories, my philosophy in the classroom is largely influenced by the notions of perplexity and experiential learning put forward by Dewey, Kolb and others. I present students with the prevailing theories and frameworks and then provide students with a number of participative opportunities ranging from classroom or group discussion, in-class activities, case studies, guest lecturers from the industry and individual or group projects. I assess students in multiple ways to ensure that they are able to both understand and apply the core concepts of the class. At the end of a course, I am less concerned with students mastering any single model or theory, but rather that they possess the ability to think through a problem and design an appropriate solution that draws from a range of potential theories and tools.
I view my role in the classroom as a facilitator and empower my students to be active participants in the discussion. I encourage them to provide examples, contributions, and objections to the facets of the material being discussed. My experiences teaching at international universities throughout Asia and Europe have been very rewarding. Most of my classrooms have contained students representing 20-30 countries of origin and the group discussion and student contribution has been a very tangible asset to the learning process. As I continue to develop my classroom approach, I seek for new ways to present the material in a relevant and tangible manner which students can engage and become active members in the course narrative.

  Teaching Interests

My primary areas of teaching interest would be courses related to Managing People Globally / International OB & HRM, Cross-Cultural Management, International Business, Managing Wellness and traditional OB / HRM courses. I have taught various Marketing and MIS courses in the past few years, but my research focus has moved towards employee wellbeing and international/multicultural management. I would also enjoy developing elective courses on topics such as Managing Wellness, Executive Coaching and How to Thrive and Survive as an Expat.

    Teaching Experience

  Faculty Lecturer

  • Bangkok University - International College (2005-2007)
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Consumer Behavior
    • Service Marketing
    • Human Resource Management
    • Marketing Research
    • Strategic Management
    • Principles of Management

  Teaching Assistant

  • ESADE MSc (2009); Managing People Globally
  • ESADE MBA (2008); Managing People Globally

  Guest Lecturer

  • ESSEC, Paris (2011, 2012) – MSRH (Masters in Human Resources); Managing Wellness
  • Erasmus Joint European Program – Cross Cultural Management Intensive Program Crete (2011)
    • Bridging Cultural Gaps and Alliances
    • The Value of Values
    • Cross Cultural Communication
  • ESEI, Barcelona (2010) - BBA; Cross Cultural Project Management
  • ESADE, Barcelona (2009) - Global MBA; Managing Diversity

    Academic Service Activities

  Editorial Staff

  • Senior Editorial Assistant for Cross Cultural Management, an International Journal (Emerald) (2007-2012)


  • Journal of Managerial Psychology (Emerald)
  • Journal of Occupational Health Psychology (APA)
  • Human Resource Management (Wiley)

  Conference/Workshop Committee

  • April, 2010, EIASM 25TH Anniversary Workshop on Strategic Human Resource Management, ESADE, Barcelona
  • May, 2008, Workshop on Occupational Burnout and Organizational Stress, ESADE, Barcelona

  Track Co-organizer

  • EURAM 2011 - Fostering a climate for organizational excellence: work passion, trust and value chain reengineering.

  Student Advisor

  • Bangkok University –International College (2005-2007)

  Thesis Supervisor

  • Anica Thomas - ESADE MSc Master in International Management - March 21, 2011
    • Title: The need for change driven by strategic transformation and a financial crisis - J.P. Kotter's Eight Stage Process applied on the example of Metro Cash & Carry
  • Miguel Cabrera Bello - ESADE BBA - July 15, 2010
    • Title: Estudio sobre el bienestar laboral de la enfermeria en Gran Canaria

    Selected Work History

  Future of Work Chair (formerly Institute for Labor Studies) 2007 – Present; ESADE Business School

Junior Researcher
  • Design and direct research projects
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Represent IEL at conferences and seminars

  Gestion MDS; Montreal - Barcelona, 2008 – 2011

Director of Research and Development
  • Design and Development of software solutions for Stress and Values auditing
  • Development of the Value of Values – a tool for identifying and prioritizing values
  • Development of consulting materials and guides

  Blau Associates; Barcelona – Vienna, 2010 – Present

Senior Partner
  • Development of HRM intervention strategy
  • Development of Cultural Change strategies
  • Consulting Services on request

  Bangkok University; Bangkok, Thailand, 2005 – 2007

Marketing Faculty
  • Lecturer in marketing, management, and strategy
  • Academic advisor to marketing majors
  • Dissertation and publication editor and reviewer

  Renaissance Learning; Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, 2002 – 2003

Marketing Analyst
  • Examined internal data and external demographics to create marketing models
  • Forecast, tracked and evaluated marketing efforts
  • Created and administrated Marketing IS

  Production Services Group; Cedarville, Ohio, 1998 – 2001

Audio Engineer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Sound Technician for live productions/broadcasts
  • Production Director

    Private Consulting
  Corporate and Startup Consulting 

Providing corporate strategy, marketing and growth solutions for established businesses and start-ups. To date, assisted start-ups have received over $110 million in initial funding.

  • Brain Safe SL - Barcelona, Spain
  • The Willows – Barcelona – Punta del Este, Uruguay
  • The Executive – Bahrain
  • OMIA International - Miami, Florida
  • Equitech Systems - Bangkok, Thailand
  • Biofuel Genomics - Gold Coast, Australia
  • iWealth - Bangkok, Thailand
  • The Chateau - Bangkok, Thailand
  • AMC Consulting - Bangkok, Thailand

  Non-Profit Consulting and Community Involvement

Providing assistance in marketing, outreach, and production technology

  • International Church of Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain
  • Chaengwattana Community Church - Bangkok, Thailand
  • Calvary Baptist Church - Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
  • Community Christian Academy - Biron, Wisconsin